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CityTech RUHR

CityTech RUHR is an exclusive competition for startups from around the world to win a paid pilot with a German municipality located in the Ruhr region. This is one of the most exciting regions in Europe with the largest urban area in Germany and the third largest in the European Union.


A few important things before you start:

A.      Please apply as a company that already has a solution for one of the program’s challenges. For this program, we do not accept individual participants or teams without a working technology that can be easily adapted to solve the mentioned challenges.


B.      This is a competitive, 4-step process:

(1) Please confirm your participation with the confirmation link that you will receive by e-mail after registration.

(2) Your application form will be reviewed by our team

(3) After submitting your application form, we will contact you if we need more information or to request a call.

(4) The next step in the process is participation in a webinar to present your solution. After the webinar, the decision is made about the winning company for each challenge.

Application Form CityTech RUHR