E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH

E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH, a subsidiary of E.ON SE, was established in 2007 as investor and operator of biomethane plants (upgrading of biogas to biomethane a.k.a. bio natural gas and injection into the gas grid).

The company is one of the largest biomethane traders in Germany, with a portfolio offering short, medium and long-term biomethane products in the segments renewables, heating and fuel. The products for e.g. utilities and industrial customers are tailored individually to suit their requirements. Other products target environmentally-aware private customers. E.ON Bioerdgas is one of the few European cross-border traders of biomethane.

E.ON Bioerdgas offers services like operational management, operational optimisation, portfolio management and comprehensive engineering services throughout the value chain, from biogas production to energy utilisation.

E.ON Bioerdgas uses innovative concepts - for which they have won numerous awards - to deliver environmentally-friendly and renewable energy, thereby supporting the transition to a low carbon society. In partnership with agriculture and suppliers, E.ON Bioerdgas creates sustainable jobs and added value in the region.

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