Energiewerkstatt® West GmbH

Innovations for heat and electricity

The simultaneous generation of heat and electricity in a compact, user and maintenance-friendly unit is our central task. We have been implementing this since 1987, making us one of the first providers of this resource and climate-friendly technology in Germany.

Cogeneration plants from Energiewerkstatt have represented the state of the art for many years and prove their value day in, day out in municipal facilities, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes – everywhere where heat and electricity are required and need to be produced in an economical manner.

At the Hannover-Linden site we develop, build and operate cogeneration plants of the ASV series. We are proud that the ASV type designation is used as a synonym for cogeneration plants on the market. In this model series we offer machines in the electrical output classes from 14 to 40 kW.

All machines are characterised by the USP of being able to be positioned and operated on just one square metre of space, without the need for additional equipment.

With the efficient linking of heat and electricity generation, Energiewerkstatt cogeneration units are key components in establishing a decentralised, environmentally-friendly energy supply.

A high level of machine availability, supported by a special remote enquiry system, assures the operator a high level of investment security and short amortisation times. The principle of combined power and heat, intelligently realised in a compact cogeneration unit and installed for the benefit of both the operator and the environment – this is what Energiewerkstatt and its partners offer.



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