Press release, 18.05.2018


The Metropole Ruhr is an attractive location for companies and investors. The desires of companies for settlements and relocations in the individual desired different areas desired cannot always be implemented as, for example, a lack of space can prevent this.

In order to ensure that every investor inquiry in the entire Metropole Ruhr region will be audited in the future, the business promoters of Metropole Ruhr made a binding agreement at their annual retreat: inquiries that cannot be served locally will generally be forwarded to the regional business development Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH (BMR). The BMR will examine and process these requests immediately and appeal to other districts. The prerequisite for this process is the agreement of the investor to passing the search parameters on to the BMR.

If a request cannot be provided for in one city, the options in other municipalities must be examined and the local business development agencies must be informed. "What has in most cases already been standard practice has now been committed to across the region and shows that we all pull together in the field of business development. The model increases the chances of locating or keeping companies willing to expand in the region and thus of increasing the number of jobs in the future," says Rasmus C. Beck, Chairman of the Management Board of BMR.

Recently, there had been public criticism that, for example, requests that could not be provided for in one city due to lack of suitable commercial space options were allegedly not forwarded to a neighbouring city. "This agreement shows that the idea of ​​regional cooperation in the Ruhr region is being actively implemented and practised. We will all benefit from it," says Frank Lichtenheld, Managing Director of Oberhausen Wirtschaft und Tourismus GmbH (OWT).


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