The Ruhr Metropolis at the MWC Barcelona

The Ruhr Metropolis is also a digital pioneer. Discover the advantages of the “city of cities” and its outstanding infrastructure at the Mobile World Congress.

What will the digital future look like? The global community of digitalists comes together once a year in Barcelona to find answers to this question – at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The Ruhr Metropolis presented innovative solutions for the digital city of tomorrow at the MWC 2019.

With over 100,000 visitors and more than 2,300 exhibitors, the MWC is the largest smartphone and mobile telecommunications fair in the world - and the Ruhr region was in the thick of it.

“What is the best way to utilise digitalisation in business, administration and infrastructure? Business Metropole Ruhr and our model cities Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund delivered answers to this in Barcelona that drew a lot of international attention,” says Rasmus C. Beck, Managing Director of Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH (BMR).

Gelsenkirchen made good use of the big stage on the trip, which was organised by the BMR. After all, the city of 260,000 is one of four German cities in the EU European Cities Challenge. In addition, Gelsenkirchen is also the “Digital Model City” of the state of NRW.

Free Wi-Fi, open data and digital fibre optic network also serve another purpose. “For many years now we have been working to anchor social networking in the social, cultural and sporting fields. Digitalisation needs to support this close human network within our city,” says mayor Frank Baranowski.

Gelsenkirchen agreed further close co-operation with Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH in Barcelona. The partners have been collaborating together since 2016. Now the “networked city” is set to be expanded further. At the heart of this collaboration will be an “Open Innovation Lab” literally an outdoor digital laboratory. Baranowski also presented the ambitious project at the 4YFN start-up conference, where a number of start-ups from the Ruhr Metropolis were able to make contacts.

Fewer traffic jams thanks to digital traffic lights: the MWC gave a major boost to the area of digital traffic guidance: in discussions with Baranowski and Rasmus C. Beck Deutsche Telekom offered the Ruhr region assistance in setting up an intercity traffic guidance system.


Impressions of MWC 2019

MWC Barcelona 2020

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Mobile World Congress

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24 - 27/02/2020


4YFN, 24/02/2020

The BMR is also organising a trip to the MWC Barcelona

for partners and companies from the Ruhr Metropolis.

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