Managing commercial premises

Analysis in the scope of project phases I to III of the commercial premises management Ruhr has shown that around half of all sites with commercial and industrial potential have restrictions on usage and are therefore not available to the market.

Against this background, Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH (BMR) and the Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR) are working within the scope of the “Gewerbliches Flächenmanagement Ruhr. Phase IV – Modular action package of BMR and RVR for the mobilisation of commercial and industrial potentials in the Ruhr metropolitan area” (GFM IV) project to mobilise commercial and industrial space in the region. The goal is to use a modular package of measures to reduce the existing usage restrictions to around 370 ha and activate further potential, for example in the form of regional co-operation sites,

  • in order to activate or replace space potential for actual utilisation and in this way
  • create space for commercial activities to expand in the medium term,  
  • where possible without making use of additional free space
  • and to use supporting, in-depth analysis to further enhance the accuracy of business development and location marketing.

The modular action package

  • enables efficient treatment of the resource space,
  • extends the scope for action for municipalities and companies,
  • contributes to the strengthening of the Ruhr metropolitan area as an economic region,
  • limits the consumption of open space,
  • intensifies regional co-operation in the Ruhr metropolitan area,
  • aims to achieve more efficient use of public funding and targeted control of grants,
  • can be transferred, with the necessary adaptation, to other comparable conurbations.

Towns and cities, municipalities and regional actors of the Ruhr metropolitan area are working to realise this project in a three-year period, led by the BMR. The Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR) is a formal partner of the project, as a supporter of regional planning and development.

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