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The implementation of new ideas, technologies, innovation and the optimisation of products and work processes are crucial success factors for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to remain competitive.

The funding programmes of the North Rhine-Westphalia government, the federal government as well as the European Union provide companies with financial resources for individual or cooperation projects. The scope of funding opportunities ranges from conventional financing, funding of knowledge transfer to consulting services of external experts.

Consulting through the project ‘Funding Advisor’

The Funding Advisor works closely together with local business development agencies, chambers and further regional stakeholders in order to provide transparent information about published regional, federal and European funding programmes at an early stage.

Small and medium-sized enterprises from the Ruhr metropolitan area have the possibility to receive detailed information about tailored funding opportunities at our thematic and target-group-specific events. During our events and hands-on workshops, they can address their questions and needs to different experts.

Depending on the specific needs, we enhance contacts with appropriate advice and funding service centres and foster the networking process with business, scientific and research stakeholders. Among other things, the setting up of consortia and therefore the implementation of cooperation projects is facilitated and knowledge and technology transfer supported.


Which funding programmes are available? Which ideas and projects can be funded by state, federal or EU programmes? Who is the right contact person and will give me long-term support in my project?
There issues are addressed in thematic and target group-specific events for SMEs and for multipliers (such as municipal business support initiatives, chambers of commerce and other local and regional stakeholders).

Several times a year, information and advice about specific funding opportunities is provided during various events. In hands-on workshops, applicant seminars and information events for SMEs the focus is upon funding programmes of the state of NRW, the federal government and the EU, in order to show SMEs and multipliers in the Ruhr metropolitan area different approaches to achieving funding.

This project is funded by MWIDE.

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Your contact person

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