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Lead market Urban Construction & Housing

The positive economic development and favourable conditions on the financial markets once again strengthened the Urban Construction and Housing leading market in 2017. With around 191,850 employees, the leading market has an 11.2 % share in total employment in the Ruhr Metropolis, occupying third place behind the Industrial Core and Healthcare.


Particularly high significance for employment is held by construction-specific services, including trade, letting and administration, as well as the finishing trades. The positive employment development of the previous year in the leading market Urban Construction and Housing continues with a growth rate of +3.1 %, once again outperforming the federal and state comparison (+2.7 % and +2.6 %).


In addition to the finishing trades, particular engines for growth include the classic construction sector and field of construction-related machines and tools. In addition to this, both the number of businesses (39,580, +0.3 %) and turnover (34.36 billion, +0.3 %) saw a stable, slightly positive development.


According to current forecasts, the construction sector economy is set to continue to improve in the coming years, provisionally also having a positive influence on the Urban Construction and Housing leading market (GORNIG/ MICHELSEN 2018). However, businesses face the challenge of increasing digitalisation of all work areas, from accounting and human resources to Building Information Modelling (BIM) in three-dimensional virtual models.


For the Ruhr Metropolis, opportunities to further expand the development of the leading market exist in particular at the interfaces to the leading markets of Digital Communication and Resource Efficiency.

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Lead market Urban Construction & Housing





34.4 bn €


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