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Lead market Sustainable Consumption

In the leading market of Sustainable Consumption the share of overall employment stands at 119,910 employees (7.0 %), slightly less than in the previous year (7.2 %). This is the sole leading market where the number of employees has fallen slightly (-0.5 %).


Falls in employment occurred in particular for the production of perishable consumable goods, whilst the already strong employment figures for retail in perishable consumer goods and related services recorded further gains. Regional focal points for sustainable consumption are found in the Wesel district as well as Hamm, Mülheim an der Ruhr and Oberhausen. The number of companies declined in the reporting period (-3.3 %).


However, the 10,900 businesses recorded sales of 64.3 billion, a rise of +2.0 %. Particular gains were recorded in the retail of perishable consumer goods (+3.1 %).

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Lead market Sustainable Consumption





64.3 bn €


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