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Lead market Mobility

Around 10 % of employees in the Ruhr Metropolis work in the Mobility leading market. Measured as a percentage of those employed in the leading market, mobility management and logistics as well as mobility services are especially strong economic fields.


The number of employees rose to around 167,890 (+3.1 %). This indicates that growth in the Ruhr Metropolis was more dynamic than in the comparative national area (+2.7 %).


The number of companies fell slightly in 2017 (-0.2 %). In contrast, there was positive development regarding turnover (+2.9 %), driven in particular by increased turnover in related services in mobility management and logistics.


The leading market Mobility is on course for growth against the background of the positive overall economic situation. The increased demand for mobility management and logistics services in particular is leading to corresponding growth in employment. In future, the trend towards new, more sustainable, climate-neutral mobility solutions will have an increasing influence on the Mobility leading market.


Positive effects for the Ruhr Metropolis can be generated here in particular at the interfaces to the Resource Efficiency leading market in the sub-markets mobility management, in the related agency services as well as laboratory, engineering and measuring services.

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Lead market Mobility





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