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Lead market Leisure & Events

The Leisure and Events leading market expanded in 2017 to reach 84,870 employed (+2.2 %), further stabilising its share of total employment at 5 %. Regional focal points of the leading market are found in the cities of Oberhausen, Bottrop and Essen.


As was the case the previous year, a particularly strong increase was noted in the area of event, leisure, sport and tourism, with the creation of around 1,470 new jobs subject to social security contributions. More than half of those employed (53.4 %) work in this core area. Similarly positive growth was also recorded by the small area of audio-visual media (growth +5.5 %; share of leading market 5.5 %).

The positive development trend for turnover also continued in 2017 (+13.2 billion.; +1.7 %). Sales growth occurred in particular in the core area of event, leisure, sport and tourism, as well as audio-visual media. During this period the number of companies active in the leading market fell slightly (-0.7 %).


This especially affected the area of event, leisure, sport and tourism (-0.8 %) as well as associated services concerning trade, publishing as well as leisure and cultural facilities (-0.7 %). In contrast, there was an increase in new companies (+1.9 %) in the area of culture.

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Lead market Leisure & Events





13.2 bn €


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