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Lead market Industrial Core and Business Services

With a share of employment of 18.9 % in the overall economy of the Ruhr Metropolis, the Industrial Core and Business Services continue to have a high economic significance for the region. In 2017 there were around 323,200 employees subject to social security contributions in this core segment of the Ruhr district.


Regionally, the Ennepe-Ruhr district and the cities of Duisburg and Hagen display a marked specialisation compared to the other Ruhr regions and the national reference value. Between the years of 2016 and 2017 the Industrial Core registered an increase in employment of +1.2 %. The expansion of employment was wholly driven by the sub-market of business-related services (+3.2 %).


With regard to the number of companies, the Industrial Core totalled 21,190, in third place behind the leading markets of urban construction & housing and leisure & events. The high number of companies illustrates the economic structure of the Industrial Core, which is strongly represented by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Around 84 % of the companies are found in the segment business-related services. The development of turnover in the industrial core was slightly negative in 2017 (-0.6 %). However, business-related services recorded strong growth in turnover (+9.2 %), thereby largely compensating developments in other sub-areas.


The marked growth in turnover and employment in business-related services illustrates the continuing transition of the Industrial Core from classic engineering, plant and tool construction to a more service-based orientation.


In the course of digitalisation and networking there is increased sectoral merging with other economic fields such as energy, IT and mobility, as well as the associated diversification of the sector. This is seeing a marked increase in the significance of supplementary services and extended business models.

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Lead market Industrial Core and Business Services





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