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Lead market Education & Knowledge

In 2017 there were 80,180 people working in the leading market of Education and Knowledge, representing a 4.7 % share of total employment in the Ruhr Metropolis. Around 46 % of the employees work in the field of schools and universities, whilst 25 % work in pre-school education and around 22 % in further training.


Clear regional focal points with high shares of employment are evident in the university and college sites of the Ruhr Metropolis, in particular Bochum, Dortmund, Essen and Gelsenkirchen.


The leading market of Education and Knowledge has also developed positively, with growth of 2,870 jobs (+3.7 %). This increase in employment encompasses all areas of the leading market, from pre-school development (+3.1 %) to schools and universities (+3.4 %), research (2.8 %) and on to related services of further training establishments and educational organisations (+ 5.3 %). The growth rates in the Ruhr Metropolis are oriented towards the state and federal trend (+4.3%; +3.7 %).


The declining corporate development of the previous year could be stabilised in 2017 and transformed into slight growth (+1.0 %). Growth was achieved in particular in the area of pre-school education and schools and universities (+8.7 %).


However, in contrast to employment and corporate development, the development of turnover in the leading market Education and Knowledge has fallen slightly (-0.5 %). Nonetheless, this decline was significantly less than in 2016 (-4.9 %).

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Lead market Education & Knowledge





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