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Lead market Digital Communication

With a workforce of 52,150, the Digital Communication leading market is the smallest in the Ruhr Metropolis. However, the IT sector that this encompasses has increasing significance for the regional economy when it comes to the cross-sectoral linking of the other leading markets.


The progression of digitalisation and networking is underway in nearly all areas of life and employment, increasing the demand for products and services of the Digital Communication leading market. Against this background, 2017 also saw the leading market record a consistently positive employment development (+3.6 %; +1,820 employees). Measured as a share of employees in the leading market, the largest sub-markets for Digital Communication are data processing services and software (60 %) and the related trade, repair and infrastructure services (25 %).


Regional specialisations exist in Dortmund, Essen and Bochum in particular. In 2017 employment increased especially in the core area of data processing services and software (+1,720; +5.8 %).


Corporate and turnover development in the Digital Communication leading market were also positive. The number of companies rose by+1.2 % to 6,276, compensating the decline in companies registered the previous year. The majority of the new companies were found in the related services of the digital economy (trade, repair, infrastructure).


The largest gains in turnover were also recorded in the neighbouring services (+8.8 %). Overall, turnover in the Digital Communication market increased to 6.71 billion (+6.0 %).

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Lead market Digital Communication





6.7 bn €


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