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The Urban Construction & Housing lead market benefited from economic growth and the favourable financial conditions again in 2018. At 197,689 employees, the lead market accounted for an 11.3 % employment share in the overall economy of the Ruhr Metropolis, again taking third place in terms of employment after the Industrial Core and Healthcare as it did the previous year.

Construction-specific services including trade, letting and administration (47.0 %) as well as the finishing trades (33.4 %) were especially relevant to employment numbers.

The positive employment trend in the Urban Construction & Housing lead market continued from the previous year, showing a growth of about 3.0 %; this was higher than federal and state trends (+2.5 % and +2.6 %, respectively). Apart from the finishing trades (+3.0 %) and services (+ 2.9 %), classical construction (+5.7 %) and construction-related machinery and tools (+7.5 %) in particular served as growth drivers.

In addition, company turnover showed high levels of growth (+7.6 %), with the number of companies remaining stable (+0.1 %). Most of the companies at around 47 % out of the total 39,621 operated in construction-related services with 33.4 % in the finishing trades.

Key Insights

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197,689 (+3.0%)


39,621 (+0.1%)


36.97 bn. € (+7.6%)


Developments in the Urban Construction & Housing lead market have proven highly promising. Germany’s population has been steadily increasing in recent years with continued focus on urban areas, especially amongst young people and families.

Locations in the Ruhr Metropolis benefit from this with increased demand for housing and construction activity. There are clearly detectable points of contact with other lead markets such as Resource Efficiency, especially in energy-efficient housing.



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