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The Mobility lead market accounts for around 10 % of employees in the Ruhr Metropolis. Mobility management and logistics (61.0 %) and mobility services such as agencies and repair shops (23.7 %) proved to be especially strong economic areas by the employment share in the lead market. The Unna and Hamm districts as well as the City of Hagen have emerged as regional areas of focus.

The period between 2017 to 2018 saw the number of employees increase by 7,700 (+4.6 %) to 175,593. Growth showed a more dynamic trend in the Ruhr Metropolis than at state and federal level (+3.5 % and +3.1 %, respectively). Development showed significant improvement inside the region and across regions compared to the previous year. Growth drivers included the employment growth in transport infrastructure (+6.9 %), mobility management and logistics (+6.2 %), and laboratory, engineering and measurement services (5.8 %).

Just over half of the 13,499 companies in the Mobility lead market operated in mobility services (53.7 %). Mobility management and logistics accounted for another third (34.9 %). The number of companies declined slightly in 2016 (-0.6 %). On the other hand, all the sub-markets showed increased turnover (+2.5 %).

Key insights

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175,593 (+4.6%)


13,499 (-0.6%)


27.683 bn. € (+2.5%)


The favourable economic situation is set to keep the Mobility lead market developing positively. The growing demand for mobility management and logistical services in particular has led to corresponding increases in employment. Mobility and accessibility play a key role in the location’s attractiveness as well as the region’s sustainability as places to live and do business. Demographic change, lifestyle individualisation and changing urban structures all have a significant impact on mobility needs and behaviours.

Accessibility to workplaces and public services is essential towards ensuring equitable living conditions and social participation in every population group. Mobility technology and forms are also currently facing significant change processes closely linked to dynamic developments in mobile application of information and communication technology (ICT) – see also the Digital Communication lead market – and environmental aspects such as energy policy and climate protection – see also Resource Efficiency lead market.

Mobility services and needs are growing in diversity – that is, multimodality. New forms of mobility such as car and bike sharing have come into everyday use. These innovations as well as other elements – especially the sharing economy and increasing expansion of electric mobility – promise significant potential in implementing the principle of sustainable development of mobility.

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