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The Leisure & Events lead market also saw an increase in employment in 2018. Total employment remained stable at a total of 85,464 employees (+0.7 %), corresponding to a share of 4.9 %. Oberhausen, Bottrop, Bochum and Essen have emerged as regional focal points in this lead market.

Events, leisure, sports and tourism saw especially strong employment growth again this year at around 1,158 new employees paying social insurance contributions. More than half of the employees (54.4 %) were active in this core area.

The minor area of audiovisual media showed extremely strong growth (+3.6 % growth; 1.9 % share in lead market), as it did the previous year. However, job growth in the lead market fell short of last year’s figures (+0.7 %) and the state and federal averages (+1.0 % and +1.2 %, respectively).



Key Insights

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85,464 (+0,7%)


22,948 (-0,2%)


14,12 bn. € (+6,3%)


On the other hand, turnover growth continued the trend from previous years with a significant increase (+14 bn; +6.3 %) in 2018. The cultural sector and associated services in particular showed marked growth in turnover (+7.6 % and +8.0 %, respectively) in addition to the core area of events, leisure, sport and tourism (+3.6%).

In the meantime, the number of companies involved in the lead market underwent a slight decrease ( 0.8 %). The sub-markets especially affected were events, leisure, sports and tourism (-1.1 %), and associated industries (-1.7 %) and trading, publishing, leisure and cultural facilities as associated services (-0.6%). On the other hand, the cultural sector (+1.5 %) and audiovisual media saw an increase in the number of companies (+0.7 %).

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