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As in previous years, the Healthcare lead market saw highly positive economic indicators in 2018. At a 19.5 % share of total employment, Healthcare is still the most important lead market for employment policy in the Ruhr Metropolis.

Inpatient and outpatient care (49.7 %) and healthcare-relevant services in trading, sports, social care and nursing (42.7 %) were the largest sub-markets in Healthcare in the Ruhr by employee numbers. At +2.8 % (+9,275 employees), the growth dynamic in the Healthcare lead market remained at a similar level as the previous year and reflected the state trend (+2.8 %), but also came noticeably higher than the federal trend (+2.3 %).

Both sub-markets with high employee numbers, inpatient and outpatient care and healthcare-relevant services act as major drivers of growth in employment. Herne, Recklinghausen and Gelsenkirchen proved to be particular areas of focus as measured by employment share.

Key Insights

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340,756 (+2.8%)


6,702 (+0.2%)


17.82 bn. € (-11.3%)


The healthcare market accounts for a total of 6,702 companies in the Ruhr Metropolis. Their numbers remained stable over the reporting period (+0.2 %). However, the negative turnover trend continued from the previous year. The significant decline (-11.3 %) mainly stemmed from the healthcare-relevant services sub-market.

The Healthcare lead market shows significant future potential even with the continued turnover deficits. Growing health awareness in the population, advances in medical technology, and demographic trends in Germany point towards growing demand for professional services and products in the care, nursing and health segments. Therefore, the Healthcare lead market holds forth a variety of opportunities for employment, growth and innovation.

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