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The Education & Knowledge lead market employed 82,938 people in 2018, a share of 4.7 % of total employment in the Ruhr Metropolis. Just under half (46 %) of employees worked in schools and universities, a quarter (25 %) in pre-school education, and just over a fifth (22 %) in training and further education organisations.

This has resulted in areas of clear regional focus, especially Bochum, Dortmund, Essen and Gelsenkirchen, each taking a high employment share at university and college locations in the Ruhr Metropolis. Employment also increased by 2,762 in the Education & Knowledge lead market (+3.4 %).

Every sub-market in this lead market contributed to the increase in employment. In particular, research core area (+6.8 %) showed significant growth compared to the previous year. Growth in the Ruhr Metropolis lay well above state and federal trends (+3.1 %; +2.2 %, respectively).

Key Insights

to the Lead Market

82,938 (+3,4%)


2,976 (+3,5%)


1.17 bn. € (+10,4%)


The positive trend in the number of companies from the previous year manifested itself in moderate growth in 2018 (+3.5 %). Associated services comprising training, education, and training organisations saw especially high growth (+8.4 %).

Turnover development in the Education & Knowledge lead market followed the trend with a significant increase (+10.4 %) after a slight decrease in the previous year. Associated services in particular proved to be a powerful growth driver at +17.6 %.

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