The Ruhr Metropolis has obtained extensive experience in the environmental economy due to a long economic and social transition process. From a region dominated by the mining and steel industries the Ruhr Metropolis transformed into a leading region for the environmental economy. More than a half century ago, we were confronted with the negative effects of the industrial and mining activities, like environmental problems, forcing public and private actors to jointly invest in solutions to counter these negative effects and to improve our quality of life. Since then, tremendous investments have been made in new environmental technologies, new research and educational institutes, renewable energy concepts, and in eco-restructuring programmes targeted to clean-up polluted districts and waters.

This long experience, together with the presence of numerous innovative firms, research institutes, and a large pool of environmental specialists, explains the Ruhr Metropolis’ current leading position in the environmental economy.


Who we are

Greentech.Ruhr is a community of innovative firms, research and educational institutes and other public organisations in the field of the environmental economy. We jointly offer comprehensive world-class solutions to protect the environment, to realise resource efficiency and to transform contaminated industrial areas into new spaces for housing, business and leisure.


Our thematic areas


What we do: Our goals

Greentech.Ruhr has two important goals. Firstly, we promote the strengths of our region and our partners in other German States, Europe and overseas. Thereto, we use various marketing actions, including: on- and offline advertisements, participation in and visits of trade fairs, business trips and modern communication platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.

Secondly, we increase marketing skills of our partners through workshops and individual advice on marketing strategies offered by professional marketing specialists. We particularly offer these services to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). We also invite SMEs to join the business trips and trade fair visits that we organise.


More information?

Please contact one of the members of the Greentech.Ruhr Team.


Partner municipalities

EFRE Förderhinweis

EFRE NRW 2014-2020


Subsidized from means of the European Union (EFRE)

Your contact person

Dr. Erwin van Tuijl
Project Manager Regional Business Development
Tel.: +49 201 632488-74
Fax: +49 201 632488-99

Your contact person

Tabea Lersmacher
Project Manager Regional Business Development
Tel.: +49 201 632488-94
Fax: +49 201 632488-99

Your contact person

Matthias Schliewe
Project Assistant Regional Business Development
Tel.: +49 201 632488-38
Fax: +49 201 632488-99

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