MIPIM is the worlds leading property expo. This year, it took place from 14.03. to 17.03.2017 in Cannes. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has represented itself at its own stand. NRW-INVEST has commissioned BMR with the organisation of the states presence at the expo.

Alongside the cities of Aachen, Bonn, Cologne and Mönchengladbach and 17 companies, the Ruhr Metropolis has also been represented - by the cities of Bochum, Dortmund, Essen, Gelsenkirchen and Oberhausen, as well as the Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH.

Looking back at a very succesful event we are very happy that many visitors stopped by at this years NRW-Stand. We would like to send a very special thanks to the organizers and to all speakers at the NRW-Reception. Thank you for supporting the Ruhr Metropolis in such a great manner.

The talks with members of the real estate sector showed the importance of the property market for our region. Further to that, we have been very impressed with the wide variety of projects that are planned in the future.

We would like to share our impressions of MIPIM 2017 with you! That's why wo put together this small gallery:

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