Vision & Mission

Four steps to success. Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr is four things: a service provider, project manager, marketer and advisor on funding issues. These are roles that the wmr can only fulfil through a strong identification with the region, and through employees who have a strong commitment to customers and cooperate with each other on the basis of mutual respect. Our mission statement is based on this aspiration.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Regionalverband Ruhr association (RVR), we act as the economic development agency for the region. Our clients are the 53 local authorities and the companies of the Ruhr. We are there for you, every day. As an expert service provider, our role is clearly defined: we advise, market and realise projects that promote the Ruhr metropolitan area as a place to do business.

In practice, that means developing projects in emerging fields of relevance to the region, location marketing for the Ruhr area at home and abroad and advising on the organisation and realisation of EU funding programmes.

We implement measures with the cooperation of our partners across the state and the region; internally, project teams work together closely and across departments. Open doors and flat hierarchies facilitate fast, transparent, goal-based and client-oriented communications.
Lateral thinkers welcome. Each and every wmr employee is invited to put forward ideas on project realisation and corporate development, even if those ideas fall outside of their usual spheres of activity. With regular exchanges across all levels of the hierarchy making for fast feedback, proposals can be applied to projects promptly.

Many of our employees have gained professional experience in the fields of business, science and administration at home and abroad – but they are most at home in the Ruhr. They know and love their home turf, its strengths and its challenges. For them, promoting the Ruhr as a location and helping to make it more competitive is not just a job, but actually a vocation. For the wmr, its workforce is its most valuable resource.

It is clear that those tasked with promoting the sustainable use of resources in business – including ourselves – have a special obligation towards their employees too. We aim to meet this responsibility by being a family-friendly organisation offering highly flexible working hours.